About Us

Shear Ego essentially created the beauty business in Greater Rochester and continues to lead it. Setting trends, crafting styles, and creating looks is the Shear Ego brand. We stay fresh and relevant because the industry demands it. Fashion and style is never a finished product or a static process. It constantly morphs and evolves. Shear Ego remains on the cutting edge -- literally and figuratively -- because we evolve with it. In fact, we lead the charge, supporting our technicians to explore new techniques and to pursue continuous education in the field.

We offer Salon, Spa, and Barber services to meet the diversified wants & needs of our wide range of clientele. Each of these services is offered in its own separate space, rather than being grouped together with no authentic specialization. And nothing solidifies expertise more than teaching a skill to others. The Shear Ego International School elevates our practitioners to new levels and indelibly stamps the Shear Ego footprint throughout Greater Rochester and beyond. Our graduates stay on and enjoy rewarding careers with us, create their own businesses, or practice their craft with salons near and far.  In whatever direction you step in The ROC, the Shear Ego influence will be found yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Our Destinations

The Shear Ego Salon offers a unique blend of a metropolitan and family atmosphere that leaves clients looking great and feeling genuinely cared for as an individual.

Shear Ego Color Logo

The Shear Ego Spa is an inviting contemporary spa which allows you to take the next step in personal care. The mind & body connection is no longer a mystery.

Welcome to the next level of release and getaway close to home- The Men’s Club at Shear Ego welcomes all to its refined but relaxed atmosphere.

Our Team

Eugene Cardamone
Founder / Creative Director
William Paperella
Artistic Director
Shayna Cardamone
Front End Manager and
Marketing Director
Karen Bardo
Guest Services Manager
Toni Belli
Spa Manager / Esthetician
Edward Filonovich
Creative Coordinator
Natalee Wood
Nail Manager/Nail Technician
Lucy Albright
Creative Coordinator
Alyssa Aquino
Designer Stylist
Claudia Ayzenberg
Emily Brogan
Artistic Coordinator
Jordan Broomfield
Designer Stylist
Cristina Colasanto
Artistic Coordinator
Hailey Dainard
Apprentice Stylist
Kelly Davis
Artistic Coordinator
Alicia Dupre
Yen Figueroa
Nail Technician
Inci Kaptikacti
Style Coordinator
Jackie Leonard
Creative Coordinator
Mary Marino
Barber Stylist
Janice Meagher
Diane Schaber
Creative Coordinator
Carlea Seidel
Massage Therapist
Cheyenne Stocum
Nail Technician
Natasha Stulpin
Massage Therapist
Sabrina Tandoi
Designer Stylist
Mandy Wojick
Artistic Coordinator
Damla Anish
Martha Curtin
New Talent
Kati Dangelo
Front Desk Coordinator
Brianna Dioguardi
Marketing Manager
Leia Ferretti
Nail Technician
Allie Gangemi
Danielle Grieve
Nail Technician
Nico Lane
Adamaris Maldonado
Nail Technician
Calvin Niggli
New Talent
Julia Panzica
New Talent
Franco Paparella
Inventory Manager
Karen Riola
Front Desk Manager
Katie Summons
Artistic Coordinator
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